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Computer Help Archive Should I leave my computer on all the time ?

"Will leaving my PC on - Cause Damage ?"

Will leaving your computer cause harm to your system ?

For years the great debate whether to leave your computer on all the time continues. Should you leave your computer on all the time ? Does it waste electricity ? Is it better for the PC to be left on all the time ?

Is there really an answer to this question ? No not really but people have their opinions.

"I want to leave my computer off all the time"

Hey, I'm with you.

"I want to leave my computer on all the time"

If you use your computer all the time than I would suggest that you do this. The only fact that I'm aware of that it harms your electricity bill. The benefit of having your computer on all the time is that it's ready to use, you don't have to wait for it to start up.

key software points to rememberKey points to remember ::

the most important piece of software I do leave my computer on all the time mainly because I use them all the time. When I am away from my computer for a weekend or a few days I will turn them off.

operating systems Most business leave their computers on all the time.

operating systems If you just use your computer briefly in the evening to check your e-mail it's ok to turn off your computer.

operating systems Turn off your computer during an electrical storm. Better yet unplug it from the wall, don't forget the phone cable.

operating systems Leaving your computer on all the time means that your antivirus could scan while you are away. Defragmatation can be set to run as well, and don't forget about all those updates.

Thanks Wintechie

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