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What the ******* does that mean ?

What is Software?Software

The essential difference between hardware and software is that you physically can not touch software. Software besides the CD-Rom or DVD it came on consists of computer code that resides on your Hard Drive. IE: Internet Explorer is software,the program you used to type a letter is software, outlook is software and Norton Anti-Virus is software...Etc.

What is HardwareHardware

Hardware - You can physically touch IE: Your keyboard,mouse,monitor and you Computer itself. If you can stub your toe on it - It is definitely hardware.

What is a OS operating systemOperating System

A operating system is classified as software. This particular piece of software controls the user interface of your computer and is the first piece of software you see when you start your computer. Think of it as the master piece of software which controls all other applications. IE: Windows 95/98/200/XP are Operating Systems.

What is a Driver DriversDrivers

Think of Drivers as Software to Hardware Translators. Take a printer for example when you plug it into your computer they have no way to communicate to each other until you install the driver. Essentially the Driver is software that is supplied by the Printer manufacturer on CD Rom to ensure that your computer can communicate effectively with their device. Once you have your driver installed your computer can now talk to your printer! Voila you are able to print. Drivers are a essential part of computing make sure you check the manufacturers website for updates for your device drivers.

What is Downloading?Download

Downloading occurs every time you visit the internet. For instance your computer just downloaded this webpage. That's why you can view this right now. Downloading can be anything from saving pictures to checking E-mail. Whenever a transfer occurs from one computer to another that would be downloading.

What is uploading?Uploading

Uploading is the opposite of downloading. An easy way to picture uploading is sending a E-mail. When you send a E-mail to a friend you are uploading that to a central computer provided by your internet provider. When your friend checks his E-mail he is then downloading from that central computer to receive your message.

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